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This forum is our opportunity to speak directly to our national representatives and senat

ors and advocate for issues concerning our patients and our profession. IPTA members have traveled to Washington, D.C. annually to advocate on our behalf.

          US Capital

Helping Promote the Profession

through direct interaction with our legislatures. Both at the National and State Level.


Deanna Dye, Senator Risch, Jan Yingst

            Group at Capital

Consider getting involved!

Speak with Kevin Hulsey our current liason or any of our IPTA Board Members.

Library Of Congress

Adam Cope, Galen Danielson, Adam Borg, Jan Yingst, Nash Johnson, Jennifer Ford, Larry Ohman, Cory Lewis


Cory Lewis and Adam Borg

 Idaho has a history of fabulous advocacy on the hill.  APTA leadership prepares you with the issues and makes sure you are comfortable prior to going on each visit with our representatives and senators. The recent bills we are advocating for include the Student Loan Repayment, Medicare Cap, Direct Access, and Concussion legislation.

STATE Government Advocacy
Day at the Capital

At the State Capital
Planning at the State Capital

PTA Students at the State Capital with IPTA Members
Toby Moore, Amber Camp, Cory Lewis (IPTA President), Amanda Lovell, Christina Goates, Tierra Jolley, Rebekah Papac, Chick Riddle (IPTA State Gov Liason), Trina Hall 


 IPTA Members proudly represented our profession in the Capital. They spoke with the public and members of congress regarding the value and benefits of physical therapy.