Outstanding PT or PTA of the Year Award

One award is awarded to a Physical Therapist OR Physical Therapist Assistant per year.


To recognize outstanding clinical practice Physical Therapists or Physical Therapist Assistants in the State of Idaho.


  1. Each PT or PTA nominee must have a license or otherwise qualified for at least 5 years.

  2. The PT or PTA must be an active member in the APTA and IPTA currently.

  3. PT or PTA must have attributes which have affected quality of patient/client care.

  4. Contributed to overall delivery of Physical Therapy services to patient level and within state or national level of APTA or IPTA.

  5. Serves community through activities that enhance quality of life and function of public.

  6. Promotes ethical standards and professional conduct among peers , patients and students.

  7. Pursues professional development through continuing education (workshops inservices, etc.) according to state requirements.

  8. PT or PTA can be re-nominated for the award after a period of 3 years after receiving the award. 


  1. Nominations may be submitted by any current member of the association.

  2. Nominations must be submitted in writing to include Name, Contact information and a written statement of why the individual is a worthy candidate. The written statement must include:

                    - Name of member making nomination
                    - APTA number of member making nomination
                    - Name of person being nominated
                    - Description of why this person should receive the Jill Cooper Award.

    Nominations can be submitted by completing this form.

  3. Completed nominations must be received by August 31st for consideration for the Annual Meeting that year.

  4. Letters of support can be submitted from PTs, PTAs, patients, or administration having knowledge of nominees service record and character.


  1. Nominations will be sent to the Executive Committee

  2. Results will then be sent to the Executive Director so the plaque or certificate can be ordered.

  3. Award will presented at the IPTA Fall meeting in September.


Stephanie Liddle, PT 2014
Nathan Hunsaker, PT, PTA 2016